‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season 6: Will Tara die?

“Sons of Anarchy” season 6 airs a new episode on Tuesday night and many are wondering if Tara Knowles will die? Is this what the “Sons of Anarchy” writers have been setting her up for? According to Matt Carter on Nov. 10, the new photos release for Tuesday night’s episode “Huang Wo,” are “very deceptive.”


The repercussions of Jax finding out that Tara was lying about being pregnant and setting his mother up as the murderer of their fake unborn daughter, are to come this week. Viewers left Tara sitting holding Thomas with a gun on her lap last week, seemingly waiting for Jax to return home now that he knows what she’s been up to. Is Tara going to die for this?

Over the last several episodes Tara has been falling out of some of the viewer’s good graces. They simply can’t believe what she’s done to Jax. The close-up shots of Tara’s face displaying a touch of disdain while being hugged or comforted by Jax has a lot of viewers not liking her too much these days.

This is Tara, the kind soul that the viewers were always pulling for, but her scheme of duping Jax has changed things. Making him look like a sap over this fake pregnancy has changed directions for some of the fans as far as backing her up these days.

If the writers were going to have Tara knocked off, now would be the time to do it. The question remains if they will go that far and actually kill off Tara, the mother of Jax kids? They did it to Opie, they killed his wife leaving him a single dad. It was shocking and sad, but they did it.

Opie’s wife wasn’t a key player like Tara is, but they killed off Opie, who was just as important of a character on “Sons of Anarchy” as Clay or even Gemma. Jax thought all along he was dealing with a very manipulative mother and a wife who was being tortured by his mother’s antics.

Jax’s world just imploded as he finds out his wife is just like his mother, but even worse in his eyes. She made a fool out of him letting him cry over the death of an unborn baby that never existed. Fans have already seen Jax’s short fuse lately when he put a bullet in head of their their transvestite friend’s mother. Will he do the same to Tara?

What’s up with the gun on Tara’s lap? Is she only doing this to protect herself or is she ready to do someone in like Gemma or even Jax to protect those boys?



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